Control room

With a surface of 35 square metres, the control room enjoys some confortable acoustics, designed for recording and musical mixing. You can find there some high quality material to push your projects to the highest level.

Studio 12

That's the smallest room for the sound recording. It's 25 square metres. Its reverberation time is fixed at all frequences, and offers some high quality standard acoustics.


Studio 2

That's the biggest room for sound recording. It's 45 square metres and 6 metres high. This big volume allows us to obtain a very long and nice natural reverberation, thanks to the acoustical correction. This reverberation time is also modifiable with a removable panels system. These variable acoustics allows us to really work with atmospheres, in a very natural way. In place of recreating atmospheres with plug-ins and strategems, Noise Factory offers you the wealth of a natural reverberation.

Rest room

As working in studio is often very long and asks to get deep in things, it's essential to have the opportunity to amuse ourselves for a moment.

That's why, as in every real good studio, Noise Factory offers to the artists who work between its walls, a rest room. This one is composed by a lounge room, a kitchen and a dining room.

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